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Moving Tips
5 Things to know if a Moving Company is Legitimate
Don’t let fly by night moving companies spoil your next move. While reputable moving companies are there in South Africa, there a few rouge movers who spoil the industry.
Reducing Moving cost
Moving Tips
5 Ways to Reduce Moving Costs
Moving can be hard work and expensive if not planned properly. While it is exciting moving into a new home it can also be expensive. According to Professional Movers Association Members an inter province move can set you back anything from R20 000 to R65 000 on average.
Moving Scams
Moving Tips
3 Common Moving Scam you Must Know –Exposed
Thousands of people of all races and class fall victim to moving scam/fraud sometimes committed by registered rogue moving companies.
Moving couples
Choosing a Mover
10 Questions For Movers
When a moving companies contacts you about your upcoming move, you need to be prepared and do your homework about the potential service providers . Below are ten important questions you should ask your movers and hep you make the right choose.
Choosing the right Movers
Choosing a Mover
7 Steps to Choose a Moving Company
Choosing the right mover can be hard work. According to the, most complaints stemmed from alleged lost or damaged property, but charging for extra Inventory, arriving late and not honoring estimates also made the list.