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Moving Electronics
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6 Tips for Packing Electronics
We now living in a digital world and almost every household will have electronics to pack when moving. Most of the electronics like TV sets, Play station, Decoders, Radios, Laptops , Desk tops just to name a few are huge investments worth taking care to avoid any damaged when moving.
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Moving Tips
5 Essential things to do before moving house
Moving to the new home and leaving the present home can result in mixed emotions. More than the sadness of leaving, the thought of moving to a new place excites.
Quick Mover tips
Moving Tips
Quick Guide to Packing
When packing china, glassware or fragile items, ensure that crumpled white paper is placed at the bottom of the carton approximately 10cms deep to act as a cushion.
8 Mistakes to avoid
Moving Tips
8 Moving Mistakes to Avoid
Moving is stressful and we have complied a list of moving mistakes to avoid so that your move go smoothly:
Moving Tips
Looking for a Reputable Moving Company?

Looking for a moving company can be overwhelming, with so many online scam and flyby night moving companies. How do you know if you are dealing with a reputable company or rouge moving companies ? Thankfully, get-a-quotation has already done the hard work for you.  Watch the video and see how it works. 

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Moving Tips
7 Steps to Pack your Kitchen
Kitchen can be overwhelming if not planned properly and most people leave it until the last minute or left the professional Movers to do it, but with this guide you should be able to do the same job and reduce your moving cost with moving companies.