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Cardboard moving boxes

7 Steps to Pack your Kitchen


1.    Appliances

Before packing make sure all appliances are switched off and dry.

·         Small appliance like blenders and food processors, remove all sharp blades. Using Cardboard to cover sharp blades and edges.

·         Refrigerator/Fridge take out all removable parts and wrap them with blub wrap.

·         Washing machine/dryer/dishwasher disconnect and drain all the water.

·         Washing Machine drum should be secured before transportation to avoid and damages during transit.

·         Fragile items like glass should be bubble wrapped and separated when moving them. 



2.    China and Glassware

Use kitchen counter or dining room table to pack Delicate China and Glassware, if you still have original packaging best you use that otherwise

·         Using newsprint/newspaper wrap each piece individually. Starting at the corner of the paper and wrap each diagonally, tucking overlapping defers until covered.

·         Using the same method for glassware until completed. And if extra protection is required add bubble wrap on top of the newsprint.

·         For Optimum protection use segmented boxes for glassware as it adds protection against movement in transit.

·         For none - segmented boxes, avoid stacking glasses on top of each other unless you have a strong layer partition every column

·         Label your boxes by room and indicate fragile -top side up.

·         Using the same packing method as above, add a layer of padding using newsprint/newspapers to the base of your double walled box.

·         Put a generous amount of newprint/newspapers to cushion the box and protect against movement during transit



3.Silver & Flatware

·         Sort your silverware per type and wrap them in a plastic wrap to avoid tarnish and rust or with a rubber band.

·         Wrap silver sets, serving dishes and tea sets separately with newsprint. Add more newsprint to the external layer to cushion the carton.



·         Use segmented double wall boxes work well for cups. Individually wrap each cup with newsprint paper.

·         Place the cups with hands facing the same direction, each cup facing upside down.

·         Each layer should be completed with crushed paper to fill any voided space.


5. Pots and Pans

·         Use bigger boxes for pots and pans, wrap pans with packing paper to minimize any scratches.

·         Stack Pans and Pots per size, placing wrapping paper between to avoid and scratches.

·          Wrap Glass lids with packing paper and place them in the box.

·         Use crushed paper to fill any voided space.


6. Food

·         Use or dispose of any perishable food prior to your move.

·         Any useable food that you do not want can be donated to any  charitable organisation.

·         For the food, you would like to keep use box and clearly mark them, sorting items based on expiry dates.

·         Canned and bottle goods placed in smaller boxes, clearly marked.   



7. Odds and Ends

·         Mixing bowls can be stuck together as per size and wrapped with packing paper.

·         Wrap kitchen utensils and other odd items with packing paper and pack the pieces into other boxes to fill up unused space.

·         Odd shaped items should be individually boxed to minimize damage to other fragile items.

·         Heavy items should be packed in smaller double wall boxes.