How to Get Self-Storage Best Deal

Before you get a self-storage unit for your furniture and fittings, you are most likely wondering how can you get the best deal based on the stuff you need to store

Storage unit prices can widely vary depending on the location, duration and climate controlled or not.  Irrespective of these price factors there are some tips that you can use to save some money on your monthly bill.

1. Find New Storage Company

Newly built storage facilities will offer the lowest price in most cases because they have lower occupancy levels.  They will most likely run specials to get more people to sign up. 

2. Lease During the Off Peak Season

South Africa  storage Industry , demand increase during month end. You will most likely find good deal during mid month compare to month end when people are moving housing and/or downsizing.

3. Select Amenities Wisely

 The more amenities the storage company has, the higher your monthly rental for the units. Climate control unit are  50%-60% more than expensive than ordinary units.  The reduce your self storage cost select a unit that met your exact needs and nothing more.  Do not pay for nice to have “amenities ” that you do not need.

4. Pick the Right Size Unit

Some sales consultant might try and sell a bigger unit that what you need, thereby overpaying for the  storage because of the wrong unit size.  Do your research and use online tool like space calculator to estimate  the space you need based on your inventory, if unsure ask the salesperson. 

5. Take Advantage of Discount

 Most storage facilities offer discount to pensioners, students and NPO and promotional deals like moving in transport.  With these discounts you might save between 10-20% on your monthly lease rentals. For example Rent-a-store offers Free moving transport and Stor-age Offers Refer a friend discount. 

6. Bundle Your Moving & Self-Storage Services. 

Sometimes, you can save money by bundling storage and moving services. For example other self storage facilities offer  storage and Free moving Truck or trailer. eg Rent-a-store  

Other major International and national moving companies have self storage on site and are able to offer best deals if you bundle packing, unpacking, moving and self storage.  This option is best when you are considering international relocation where you need accredited moving companies with organisations like  Professional Movers Association ( PMA) an and International Association of Movers ( IAM)

7. Use

Get-a-quotation has a database of all the storage facilities near you , and shows amenities , google customer reviews, which will help you make an informed decision about your preferred service provider. You can submit your information once and you will get 6 comparison quotes from storage companies near you.


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