However, all the excitement nullifies when the safety and organizing the household goods comes to mind. You cannot leave entire show to the movers and packers, no matter how good they are. You need to declutter house to make their operation easy.

Important preparations before moving

1.Pack your crockery

Hastily packed crockery is most likely to be damaged. Wrap them in white paper and bubble packs and pack with reinforced material between them in a sturdy cardboard box. Then mark the box with an arrow to keep the box upright while loading and transporting. Also, write or label FRAGILE handle with care.

2.Declutter home

Decluttering hardly comes to the mind as a priority while moving to new house. It is important for two reasons, first one you don’t take along the stuff you don’t want, secondly you don’t lose an important thing in clutter. Do away with useless stuff and don’t make the baggage unnecessarily heavy. After decluttering, sell useless items or give it to someone who is in need of it. Even disposing of is a better option than carrying them along.

3. Label the boxes and list them

Using safe and sturdy packing material is the basic that you should comply when beginning to pack. Pack each item with care and keep them in the numbered box and make the list of items stored there, in duplicate. Then after completing the packing, tape and tie the box well. Then paste a copy of noted items outside the box and other copy in your folder. Mark the box number with a permanent marker pen.

4.Buy an insurance

When you have expensive furniture, gadgets, and other housewares buy an insurance for transit or all risk cover. The insurance can be arranged by your packers & movers.

5.Make essentials box

Everyone has their own essentials to carry, why it is important to make an exclusive box just for that? You can’t settle down right away in the new house. Lots of things are needed to be done from unpacking to placing the household items at the right places. This exclusive box will be a great help there to survive a normal day routine. Few items as below must be there for your ready use.

  • Toilet papers
  • Washing liquid soap
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Towels, shampoo, toothbrush, and paste etc.
  • Coffee & Teabags
  • Sandwich ingredients such as bread, bread spreads etc.
  • Food for pet
  • Basic cutlery, plates, and cups
  • First Aid Box

DO’s before moving

  • Organize insurance of household items
  • Make comprehensive inventory of the good you have
  • Carry legal papers and jewelry in a bag and carry on your body
  • Inform electric supply, water supply, and gas companies before you leave.
  • Mark Fragile and arrow mark for box position in transit

Your preparation will save you lot of trouble when you reorganize your new home.


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