1. Little or no research on your mover

Thoroughly verify your mover  before committing to a contract. Is your moving company a legitimate business that is Insured? Check their reviews online of different platform.  Did you check their independent references?

2. Packing heavy items in large boxes

Avoid packing heavy item in large boxes, instead opt for the smallest boxes. This will help avoid damages to both items and the boxes and help with the lifting.

3. Forgetting to take measurements

Make sure the entrance is wide enough at your new address prior to moving day. You want to avoid a situation where your furniture won’t fit through the front door. If moving companies are to remove the door and/hoist the furniture that will be an extra charge.

4. Avoid packing flammable, explosive or corrosive materials

Moving companies do not carry the above as it is in violation of the law and put everyone involved in danger.

5. Losing Inventory List

Your Invoice, submitted Inventory list and signed terms and conditions is your contract with the movers. It is important to have them hand as it is a reference point in case of any dispute.

6. Unmarked boxes

Clearly mark your boxes, including the handling instruction, contents and the room for each box.  This will greatly help the unpacking and movers when they reach the new address.

7.  Not respecting your movers

Most of the loading crew are paid very low wages and work long hours. If you are not rude to them that can go a long way to protect your belongings. Offer refreshments and/or tips they will take extra good care of your furniture if they feel respected and appreciated.

8. Not updating your address

Don’t forget to update your address before you move especially with your Insurance company as this might result in a claim not honoured for both household and car insurance claim.


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